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Benefits of Partnership 

Between Skilled Nursing Facilities and Wonderstar Staffing

* Decrease your Acute Care Partner’s Hospital Length of Stay and Maximize your Quality Mix by Admitting Sooner


  • Seasoned Admissions Nurses

  • IV Certified RN’s – Lasix, Solumedrol

  • Hospice – GIP Level of Care - RN’s 

  • End of Life Care Licensed and CNA Staff for the Medicare Patient

  • Respiratory Therapists

  • Physical and Occupational Therapists – Weekday and Weekends

  • Short Term Packages offering 1:1 CNA Supervision

  • Short Term Rehab Patients with ETOH history

  • Dementia Patients with Safety Risks

  • Geri-Psych Patients with Behavioral Concerns

* Avoid Reduction of Medicaid Reimbursement with Root Cause Analysis of Re-Hospitalization Rates 


  • Behavioral Health CNA’s for Geri-Psych Patients

  • Dementia Trained CNA’s

  • Avoid Patient/Family Insistence of Hospital Transfer

  • Enhanced Staffing for End of Life - Terminal Care

  • Patient Anxiety - Impact on Medical Stability - Crisis Intervention for COPD/CHF

  • Social and Cultural Sensitivity


* Ensure Your Success in Meeting the ACO Standards of Care


  • Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment 7 Days a Week

  • Reduce your Re-hospitalization Rates

  • Shorten your Length of Stay

  • Define Gaps in Care

  • Enhance Nursing with Respiratory Therapy Support

  • The Palliative Approach

  • Transitional Packages for New Admissions

  • Homecare Transitional Packages for Difficult Discharges

Personalized Skilled Nursing Facility Needs Assessment

A personalized needs assessment allows an analysis of your organizations performance regarding hospital readmission reduction; ability to quickly convert referrals into admission and strength and resolve gaps in SNF staffing and resident/patient community care. 

Benefits of Partnership with Wonderstar in the Home Setting

Coming soon! After accreditation with the UMASS Medical School, under its Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Program, Wonderstar Staffing will also provide home health aides and companions to assist the elderly and their family in managing their loved one’s care at home. These services can be funded by utilizing medicare, medicaid, but currently we accept private funds.

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